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Polylactic acid is a gradual, natural rejuvenation for a long time. It is very popular among our patients who value the natural effect and effectiveness of the treatment.

Polylactic acid is the most effective preparation known in aesthetic medicine for stimulating collagen production. Its main ingredient is L-polylactic acid, whose action visibly improves skin quality and restores lost facial volume. In many cases, good effects last up to 25 months.

Why is it worth it?

Polylactic acid is not only a temporary filling of wrinkles, but it also improves the skin structure and provides a natural lift of sagging face parts. The preparation restores a youthful shape to the cheeks, fills nasolabial folds and, applied in the area of so-called "hamster cheeks" or sagging chin fills the flabby areas and stretches the skin.

What do you need to know?



Problem solved

Loss of skin elasticity, loss of fat tissue in the face area in connection with the aging process

How often repeat

Series of treatments, determined after consultation with the doctor.

Duration time

App. 30 minutes


Full results are visible a few weeks after the treatment. In the meantime, polylactic acid stimulates collagen production, regenerates and lifts the skin. Usually, to achieve the full effect, the treatment ought to be repeated two or three times, but in some cases, a single treatment renders a good result. Durability of results is an individual issue, which depends on advancement of the aging process, genetic conditions and lifestyle.

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Polylactic acid can be administered only by a qualified doctor. The therapy is preceded by medical consultation, during which the doctor qualifies the patient for the procedure, determines where to administer the preparation and establishes the treatment plan. The treatment takes about 20-30 minutes and consists in application of the preparation in the appropriate parts of the face. Punctures, made with thin needles, are almost painless. In case of fear of discomfort, the doctor may anaesthetise the face before the treatment. After the procedure, the doctor massages the face at the injection sites in order to distribute the product properly.

After the treatment, regular face massages should be performed. The doctor will individually indicate the places of massage and determine its frequency. For several days after the Polylactic acid treatment, exposure to sun and other sources of UV radiation, total cryotherapy and sauna should be avoided. As with other treatments, Sculptra application may cause side effects such as bleeding, pain, redness, haematoma or slight swelling at the injection site. Symptoms cease within 2-6 days. Before the procedure, the doctor will discuss in detail issues related to the safety of applying Polylactic acid.

General contraindications for dermatological treatments include pregnancy and breastfeeding, tendency to hypertrophic scarring, viral and bacterial infections on the face and autoimmune diseases.

No, the Polylactic acid treatment is virtually painless.

Yes, in series consulted with the doctor in advance.

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